Crizal Sapphire UV

We use Essilor’s Varilux lenses for all our spectacles. Varilux lenses offer an outstanding level of both quality and choice. Their Crizal Sapphire anti-reflection coated lenses have    a 2-year scratch guarantee (terms apply) and until the end of November 2020, lenses purchased with the Crizal Sapphire or any of the Crizal coatings qualifies you for a second pair of lenses at half price. Take a look at our Offers page for more details.

With the Varilux range of lenses, we are able to cater for all prescriptions, even the weird and wonderful! High index (reduced thickness) lenses help to keep the weight and thickness of your spectacles to a minimum and really do improve the cosmetic appearance. Transitions Generation 8 has also arrived. This latest edition of the Transitions brand has a faster fade back time making them a really convenient option if you struggle with the sun. If Transitions lenses are not your thing then Varilux offers a great range of polarised and tinted lenses, even mirror coatings to really give your sunglasses the wow factor. Whatever your needs, our qualified Dispensing Opticians are always on hand to help you decide on the best options to suit your needs. They will take great care when dispensing your spectacles so that you know all of the options available to you and ensure that the end result is spectacles you are really pleased with.

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